Lizard 6205 – this tractor is characterized by its maneuverability, while offering great power and offers a pleasant drive. Lizard 6205 TURBO Tractor is a powerful and versatile farming vehicle. It is equipped with a turbocharged engine that can generate up to 205 horsepower and provide excellent power and torque. The tractor features a spacious and comfortable cab that is ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort and visibility.

Features Lizard 6205:
– Base price: $59,000.
– Engine configurations from 150 to 205 hp.
– Maximum speed: 47 km/h
– Fuel capacity: 90 l
– Transmission type: Manual transmission
– Tire configurations.
– Choice of wheel color.
– Choice of body color.
– Engine selection

Changes in v1.1:
– Added new colors
– Addition of double wheels at the front
– Addition of a 247hp engine
– Modification of the gearbox
– Increased max speed to 49km/h

Tested on game version 1.10.x