Credits: Bremi456

Mercedes BT 440 – is a tractor model manufactured by Mercedes Benz. It was produced from 1993 to 1998 and was mainly used for agricultural purposes. The Trac 440 is equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine that produces up to 80 horsepower. It features a four-wheel drive system for better traction on various terrains and tasks. The tractor also includes a front loader attachment option for added versatility. It has a spacious and comfortable cabin with ergonomic controls for the operator’s convenience.

Features Tractor:
– Shop Category: Small Tractors
– Price: 40.000$
– Engine Power: 75-125 hp
– Max. speed: 40 km/h
– Capacity: 120 liters
– Base color
– Motor setup
– Wheel brand
– Wheel setup
– Attacher front
– Folding window
– Remote valves
– Additional lights
– Attacher back
– Airfilter cyclone
– Fender extension
– Cabin decal
– Hub
– Frontloader
– ISARIA PRO Compact (FS22_precisionFarming)

Tested on game version v1.11.x