Credits: LS Schleswig Holstein

North March Reloaded – this map is a revamped and improved version of the original North March map from FS19, and it is clear that a lot of time and effort has been put into creating this updated version. The attention to detail in this map is simply astonishing, from the various landscapes to the intricately designed farms and villages, every aspect of the map has been carefully crafted to provide players with a realistic and immersive farming experience.

Features North March Reloaded:
– The map has 2 versions.
– Version 1 has 3 farms, a Lohner, no decorative sheep, then you can still add animals.
– Version 2 has 3 farms, a wage farmer and decorative sheep. You can no longer place animals there.
– now you have the choice which version you want to play.
– The card is for medium-sized machines.
– Demolishing farms will result in a penalty.

Features Standard Map:
– There are 124 fields.
– 13 points of sale.
– 9 productions.
– Sawmill.
– Great Forest.
– 100 collectibles.
– Livestock dealer.
– Animals on the map chickens, pigs, cows.
– There are seeds and fertilizer.
– Decorative trees.
– Grass mission.
– Fruits: millet, triticale, spelled, catch crop, green rye.

Tested on game version v1.13.x