Credits: Barney, Duuudeek_112, MajsterTeam

PGR Wspólnota – is an amazing combination of the Polish atmosphere and real towns. Players will have the opportunity to manage a huge farm that offers a wide selection of agricultural activities. This map offers a variety of fields and meadows that will allow players to experiment with different crops and animal husbandry. Thanks to the careful mapping of areas, players will feel as if they were running their farm in a picturesque Polish landscape.

Features PGR Wspólnota:
– Objects to Find
– One Large farm called „PGR”
– 5 other smaller farms
– 74 Fields including meadows
– 69 Farmlands
– 4 Grain Stations
– Heating Plants
– Sawmill
– Dairy
– Stone Crusher
– Incredible Climate

Tested on game version v1.13.x