Credits: LegacyShadow, Starlexs, Banana Joe modding, Miller, Сергей Шумарин, DEmoous

Petrovani – is a highly detailed and realistic farming simulation map set in the beautiful countryside of Petrovani from Romania. The map features a mix of farmland, forests, and rolling hills, offering players a variety of landscapes to explore and cultivate. Players will have access to a wide range of farming equipment and vehicles to help them tend to their crops, raise livestock, and manage their agricultural operations. The map also includes various sell points, a sawmill, and other facilities to help players make a profit from their hard work.

Features Petrovani Map:
– Fields of different sizes;
– Vineyards;
– Animal dealer;
– BGA;
– Production;
– Points of sale;
– Forest area;
– Multifruit map;
– Map includes 4 pre-built farms;
– Production points are already placed on the map. You have to buy the land they are on to be the owner;
– The map contains 3 large forests, 222 fields, couple vineyards and some unmarked meadows;
– Animal dealer in the center of the map and the vehicle shop in the main village.