Credits: Alali, Gery, UNorby, Patyesz Modding, n0tr3adY,TSLBala, Ex0Blode Modding, Lukasino

Raba Steiger – this modification adds a big pack of hungarian tractors for farmers players in FS22. Raba Steiger was a line of tractors that were produced by Raba (Rába Motor) in Hungary. The Raba Steiger line was introduced in the 1980s and was geared towards high horsepower applications, primarily in the agricultural sector. These tractors were designed to be powerful and robust, suitable for heavy-duty tasks like plowing, cultivating, and harvesting. The Raba Steiger models were equipped with large diesel engines that delivered horsepower ratings ranging from 150 to 300. The tractors featured a four-wheel drive system that provided excellent traction and maneuverability, even in tough, wet conditions.

Features Mod:
– They have a 275 hp engine installed;
– They are capable of developing a maximum speed of 25 km / h;
– The cost of each: 110,000 hp;
– The choice of wheels

Tested on game version v1.10.x