Credits: kosmos (Bartek)

Renault 54 TZ – refers to a group of agricultural tractors manufactured by Renault Agriculture, a division of the French automaker Renault. These tractors were designed to cater to the needs of farmers and were built with sturdy chassis and powerful engines. They were also equipped with various features to enhance performance, including advanced hydraulic systems, power steering, and comfortable cabins for the operators.

Features Renault 54 TZ:
– Power: 100 – 145 [HP]
– Transmission: mechanical 16×16 or mechanical with powershift 24×8 Tractonic
– Versions: TZ, TZ Tractonic, Nectra
– Optional: EHR TCE, Tractoradar, ACET
– Interactive Control from MH (doors, side windows, back window, sunblind, handrests, implement lifting – also from outside, ignition, indicators)
– Animated cabin suspension (TZ)
– Real sounds
– A lot of configurations

Tested on game version 1.10.x