Credits: Dezign Farming, Tina_Inc

The Another World – this region is totally fictitious, In a Franco-Swiss style, you could wander around the reliefs of the map. It is made up of several farms such as pigs and horses, cows and sheep. High power will contribute to the load of your tools in the valleys.

Features The Another World:
– The average area of the fields is 0.90Ha
– Fields: 232
– 11 Purchasable Forests
– Water point available at the river and in the forests
– Collectibles available
– 20 points of sale available
– Boar present in the forest
– Repair points available
– Added 2 additional crops
– Factory Base available
– Added 30 new production
– Added realism with grassland for animal movement
– Cleaning site available in the rivers
– Clearing site in the quarry
– Multiple farms available
– French license plate from the Normandy region
– Season rework for new crops
– Precision Farming also adapt to new crops 

Tested on game version v1.8.x