Credits: Brummie Farmer

Bourneheath – This is a fictional map set in the UK. The map has a total of 46 arable and grass fields ranging in different shapes and sizes. All 46 fields have contracts availible. In the southern area of the map you will find the BGA and a buyable industrial estate, which has all ingame productions and space for additional placeable if the player wishes.

Features Bourneheath:
– In total, there are 46 arable fields and meadows of various shapes and sizes on the map.
– All 46 fields have contracts available.
– In the southern part of the map you will find BGA and a purchasable industrial zone, which has all the in-game production and places for
additional placed at the request of the player.
– All playable animals are on the map.
– In the main yard of the farm there are 2 paddocks for breeding cows and a main pasture for cows with a feeding robot. There is also accommodation on the main farm.
– Some terrains can be a little tricky, so choose your fleet wisely.
“There are some non-standard items on the map… Let’s see if you can find them.
– Collectibles are available on the map.

Tested on game version 1.8.x