Credits: Caleruega Moddιng Design

CAMARA RT16 – is a trailer with monocoque box and automatic opening, with tandem chassis. The perfect trailer for your farm, ideal for a medium or large tractor. You can choose between the tandem version or separate axles. Comfortable on the road and in the field. Thanks to its double tilting cylinder, it has great stability when unloading. Converted mod from FS19 to FS22 with all standards of the game.

Features CAMARA RT16:
– Price: 30,000 € – 32,500 €
– Capacity: 21,000 liter
– Three different discharge gates: normal, with trapdoor and double door.
– Three types of configuration: ladder, balcony and spare wheel.
– Canvas and water can.
– Different lettering designs.
– Working light;
– the model has own wheels
– brake back light
– The dust from the wheels
– Traces of wheels
– Dirt / Washable 
– detailed model
– animated parts

Tested on game version 1.13.x