Credits: Cheb_mods, Alexey Potanin, Alexey Samokhin, Evgeny Lesnikov, Evgeny Erastov, Alexander Litvinov

Vladimirovka – this modification adds a map based on the Ukrainian area. Based on real territory in the south of the country. This map was created so that players can enjoy a variety of landscapes, interesting tasks and the opportunity to develop their farm in the conditions of a Russian village.

Features Vladimirovka Map:
– Map of real terrain, 4x size. Designed for medium difficulty level.
– Standard crops + peas and buckwheat
– Minimum production – mill, bakery, slaughterhouse (pig), meat processing shop, greenhouses, fish farm
– Animals – standard
– There is no forest as such. Just like in real life, but there is a small island of greenery that you can cut down))). There is also an area for growing forest (Old Garden), there is also an old vineyard for demolition and planting of young trees (default)
– The greenhouses are working, but still under development
– Purchase plots only those that I indicated, to preserve the features of the area, do not buy everything.
– Fields – approximately 30 pieces up to 100 hectares
– There are small vegetable gardens behind the yards, for contracts and purchases – approximately 30 pcs.
– Several courtyard plots, with old houses for demolition (sale), construction of their own (mod)
– The economy is under development, I will wait for feedback for adjustments, it is very difficult to test alone.
– Multiterrain and dirt FS22_mudSystem are prescribed, it is advisable to use ours, for a more beautiful picture, it is still being finalized, so far there is 1 error per texture, but it was provoked by me on purpose, since that texture is scary to look at, for me it’s better with an error than with that texture. Or don’t use the dirt mod
– There are Easter eggs

Tested on game version v1.12.x