Credits: Saber Interactive, naHan, Лёня Буйнов, Sevill

Kirovets K-7 2020 – is a series of powerful tractors produced by the Russian manufacturer Kirovets since the early 1960s. These tractors are primarily used in agriculture, construction, and transportation. Each new model of Kirovets K-7 is designed with improved efficiency, comfort, and ease of use. Is the latest model of agricultural machinery from the Russian company Kirovets. This tractor differs from previous models in improved ergonomics and ease of operation, as well as a more environmentally friendly engine with Euro-5 standard. Kirovets K-7 2020 is designed to work with heavy loads and can be used both for cultivating land and for transporting agricultural products over long distances.  

Features Kirovets K-7 2020:
– Price: from 160,000 USD
– Power: 354, 401, 428 hp.
– Maximum speed: 32 km/h
– Fuel tank: 800 l
– New wings,
– New hood,
– New gear lever,
– Added antenna configurations, manufacturer stickers, interior colors,
– Physics adjusted,
– Many edits to materials, lighting, on-board computers
– Interactive Control support
– RealGPS support
– Working lighting equipment;
– Working mirrors;
– Leaves traces;
– Gets dirty and washable.

Configurations + Animations

✅Available configurations:
– wheels
– tinting
– counterweights
– flashing lights
– stickers
– nameplate
– filter
– oversized transport light signs
– numbering
– exhaust pipe and antenna
– colors:
– frames
– cladding
– rims
– shields
– glass

✅Animations with Interactive Control:
– opening the door
– opening windows
– opening the hood
– turning on the road train lights
– switching GPS modes (the second mode requires RealGPS)