Credits: Bcbuhler, TheOtherCorey, Mayto

Volvo WIA – Bcbuhler adapted the Volvo WIA bonnet tractor mod from ATS from TheOtherCorey to the 22nd farm. The Volvo WIA was the first semi truck sold as a Volvo in North America. It came out in the 1980’s and continued production until the late 1990’s when it was replaced by the VNL.

Features Truck:
– Base price: $73,500
– 12 cab/frame options including X2, X3 and service bed mounts
– 14 engines with N14, 3406 and DD60 options ranging from 375 to 650 hp
– 21 wheel and tire configurations including steered and non-steered lift axles
– 4 grille and bumper options
– 12 visor, horn, antenna and beacon options
– 8 exhaust options
– Wetkit option
– 6 fairing and head rack options
– 8 rear fender and mudguard options
– 2 fuel tank options
– Possibility to choose the main color, front fenders, roof, bumper and rims. Including several custom colors, incl. colors of Volvo trucks from platinum supplement.
– Switchable exhaust brake
– Attachments from 82 Studios, X2, X3 and service side beds
– Axle lift functions with mouse control
– It is recommended to use lift axle options only with XL, X2 or X3 frames to reduce clamping problems
– Additionally Mod recommended:Bulk Truck Bed Pack

Tested on game version 1.10.x