Credits: Bear Farm, Petya20

Belarus MTZ – this modification adds a a pack or russian tractors converted from FS19 to FS22 with all standards of the game.

Features Mod:
– All machines are error free
– IC addon: Door,Window
– Many configurations
– All machines have color variations
– Real sounds
– More Wheel configuration

Pack Includes:
– Belarus Mtz50
– Belarus Mtz50 NBR
– Belarus Mtz52
– Belarus Mtz80 Desing
– Belarus Mtz80 Uncle Kálmán
– Belarus Mtz80 Factory
– Belarus Mtz80 Old
– Belarus Mtz80 Large Fender
– Belarus Mtz80 Old2
– Belarus Mtz82 Old3
– Belarus Mtz82 TSZ
– Belarus Mtz550
– Uniqe Machines:
– Belarus Mtz80 Újvár Zoli
– Belarus Mtz82 Ádám Laci
– Belarus Mtz82 Gabi Kondasz

Tested on game version 1.8.x