Credits: BD_Modding, Ifko[nator]

Krone Cool Liner – is a semi-trailer added for farmers players in FS22. Is the right answer for every transport task. They stand for robustness down to the smallest detail and for maximum cost-effectiveness. The trailer’s insulation, refrigeration unit, and airflow system are optimized to maintain a consistent temperature range throughout the load’s travel to ensure the products arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

Features and changes:

  • Animated mudguards;
  • Animated steering axis;
  • Revised rear lights;
  • 100 colors to customize;
  • Many configurations;
  • Adjustable lifting axle;
  • Adjustable air suspension;
  • Autoload (configuration selected);
  • Support for the “Simple IC” script;
  • Animated door stops and much more.


  • Design (Skin);
  • Autoload;
  • Lighthouse;
  • Mudguards;
  • Sliding plate;
  • Rear left accessory;
  • Rear right accessory;
  • Middle left accessory;
  • Accessory on the right in the center;
  • Refrigeration unit;
  • Chassis;
  • Main color;
  • Logo color;
  • Body color;
  • Frame color;
  • Rim color;
  • And much more.

Tested on game version 1.12.x