Credits: SrVertex, ZT Modding

Lizard Dumper Roadtrain – is a powerful and versatile addition to the farming simulation game. This heavy-duty roadtrain provides players with the ability to transport large quantities of materials quickly and efficiently across the map. The Lizard Dumper Roadtrain is designed for hauling and dumping a wide variety of materials, such as grain, manure, silage, gravel, and more. Its rugged and durable construction makes it capable of withstanding tough terrain and challenging road conditions.

Features Lizard Dumper Roadtrain:
– Brand: Lizard
– Category: Trailers;
– Truck Price: $ 60.000;
– Price Cacamba With Dolly: $ 67.000;
– Dolly Price: $ 7.000;
– Bundle Price: $ 127.000;
– Capacity: 70.000L – 80.000L;
– Colors: Wheel, Chassis, Base, Canvas, Canvas Edge;
– Configurations: Toolbox, Protective Grids, Extension, Protective Grid Corset, Length Sticker, Wheels, Signal Model.

Tested on game version 1.13.x