Credits: SleutjesModding

Lizard Legendary – introduces a whole new level of excitement and mobility to the farming simulation game. This sleek and powerful motorcycle allows players to navigate the map with speed and agility, offering a unique and thrilling gameplay experience. The Lizard Legendary Motorcycle boasts impressive design and attention to detail. It features a stylish and aerodynamic body, with a range of customizable options to suit players’ preferences. The motorcycle’s speed and agility make it an ideal choice for checking on crops, tending to animals, or delivering goods quickly and efficiently. With its compact size, it can easily squeeze through tight spaces and access areas that larger vehicles cannot, providing a convenient mode of transportation for farm management.

Features Lizard Legendary:
– Price: 1050 $
– Maximum speed: 50 km/h
– Colors selection
– Fenders
– Design selection
– The model has own wheels
– Detailed 3D model

Tested on game version 1.13.x