Credits: Adub Modding, Mantrid, ABP Team

Brush Cutter – is a gardening tool used to clear overgrown plants, shrubs, and small trees. It is typically made up of a long shaft with a spinning blade at the end, powered by a small engine or motor. Brush cutters are designed to cut through thicker and tougher vegetation than a standard lawn mower or trimmer. They are commonly used by farmers, landscapers, and homeowners with large properties to maintain.

Features Mod:
– Price: 80$
– Working width: 0.5 m
– Color configuration

Changes in v1.3:
– Made plastic guard a configuration
– Made the rod and the plastic guard color configurable
– Lowered the purchase price
– Optimize the i3d file
– Added more color configs

Tested on game version 1.11.x