Credits: Stephan-S

Download AutoDrive Script Mod v2.0.0.9 by Stephan-S for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game. 

AutoDrive Script – is a free mod for FS22. It lets you record routes and set targets for vehicles on any map in the game. After you’ve created a network of routes and targets, you can hire drivers that will drive the routes automatically to targets set by you. The vehicle will be moved without your participation. Once setup you can tell a tractor which is standing anywhere close to the network to drive to any point, such as the shop, field 1 or to a sell point. By pre-setting AutoDrive, you can give orders for those who are short of time in any area with a network. In this way, you can send the machine to any point (to the point of sale, separate field, store, etc.).

Features AutoDrive:
– You can use them for pure transport from point A to B.
– They can be used to unload harvesters or fill silage clamps.
– Another helpful feature is how they can be used for selling crops and goods.

Tested on game version 1.8.x 

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