Credits: The-Alien-Paul, Modelleicher

Download MaizePlus Script Mod v1.0.4.1 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

MaizePlus – is a global extension, that implements Maizesilage and Grasssilage in roundbales and also the bunker-silos. You can sell and feed the different silage-types too. It is also possible to create CCM using the MaizePlus_ccmExtension mod. MaizePlus is a global mod which means it automatically adds itself to everything it needs to, you just need to enable the mod (and CCM-Extension depending on the map/mods you play).

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Another addition that comes with this Mod are changes to the drying steps/stages for grass. There are now 4 different stages of grass: – wet grass (mowed without conditioner) – conditioned grass (mowed with conditioner or wet grass tedded 1x) – semidry grass (+1 tedding) – hay (+1 tedding) The stage of which the tedder tedds to can be set with a key-binding, thus you can select which stage the tedder should output no matter the input. Therefor people who don’t want to tedd multiple times can simply set it to the final or desired step. This system is also implemented into mowers where you can select whether the mower has a conditioner or not. If you want to play realistically you can select the “conditioner” feature only for mowers that have a conditioner. But if you don’t want those extra steps in hay/silage production you can simply skip the wet step this way also. That means that you decide if you want to play like vanilla/basegame or the more detailed version, and how detailed/many steps you want. Of course that is globally present in all mowers and tedders. A little additional feature for mowers is the ability to mow grains into whole crop windrows, those can then be baled or collected with a forage wagon and driven to a bunker silo.

Changes in v1.0.4.1:
– Hotfix deuka Silo.

Tested on game version 1.8.x 

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